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 A Brief History of the Cass City Area Historical and Genealogical Society

The Cass City Area Historical and Genealogy Society was established in 1977. This was the time of the Bicentennial of the United States and also the publication of Alex Haley's novel "Roots". Both of these events, no doubt, stirred up the revival of interest in local history and genealogy.

The primary area of concern for the historical society is the village of Cass City and the townships of Elkland, Novesta, Elmwood, Evergreen and Greenleaf. Membership includes people from those areas along with individuals who live in other parts of the country but have a connection either because they have lived here at one time or have ancestors from the area. 

Projects completed by the Cass City Area Historical and Genealogy Society:

  • The Cass City Newspapers form 1881 until the present and the Elkland and Novesta Cemetery Records are available online. Both databases may be accessed using the buttons on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Production of a book "The Cass City Area 1854-1995" both in soft cover and "limited edition" serial numbered hard cover editions. ($18)
  • Publication of postcards of local scenes both past and present. ($1 each or 3/$2.50)
  • Production of "Living History" videos made up of interviews of long time residents of the area. These videos are available by checking them out at Rawson Memorial Library.
  • Reproduction of the composite pictures of the graduation classes of the Cass City High School and set up in a "traveling" display unit.
  • Production of  the book "The Way It Was... Volume 2 - The Country Schools of the Cass City Area." ($5)
  • Production of Wrapping Paper with photos of current and older buildings in Cass City. ($1 per sheet or 3/$2.50)
  • Production of the video "Cass City - The First 150 Years." ($25)
  •  Production of a book containing the Cass City Area Historical Society newsletters for the last 10 years. ($10)
  • The publication of "The Story of Your Town" a book about the history of Cass City for children (intended for third graders and older). ($15)
  • The publication of "Passing Thoughts on Funerals, Families, Faith, and Food: A look at the history, people, and traditions surrounding the Elkland Township Cemetery". ($15)
  • The production of the Elkland Cemetery Walk, 2013 (DVD) ($10)
  • The production of the Elkland Cemetery Walk, 2014 (DVD) ($10)

Items for sale may be purchased at Rawson Memorial Library or by mail order.

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